If you've checked out the Paraiso School of Samba website then you'll appreciate that putting on such spectacular carnival parades with up to 300 participants requires the greatest experience, hard work, imagination and creativity. Paraiso is also commissioned to put on spectacular shows, such as the Brasil 40º comprising 48 shows at 4 stores in the UK, as well as more modest shows and parties.


Now this organisational skill is available to you. Paraiso Productions can organise or help with your show, party or parade. We can provide you with the performers, DJs, musicians, equipment and special effects - everything you need for a spectacular event.

If you are planning a private party, a stage show or a carnival parade - large or small - get in touch with us and let's see how we can help you. Contact us on




  • Electric vehicles (converted milk floats with appoximately 1 ton load carrying capacity):
      a) with permanent platform approx 4.7 m x 2 m, handrails, kick boards etc to meet safety regulations.
     b) with solid roof and structure to support sound systems or similar loads
  • LPG Generators 4kW (can also run on petrol), 4 available with total maximum 16 kW capacity suitable for powering electronic equipment.
  • Sound systems
  • Lighting


  • Confetti canons
  • Bubble machines
  • small scale pyrotechnics